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Krystal S. Lowe & Gundija Zandersona

Left: Krystal Lowe, Right: Gundija Zandersona

Kokoro Arts supports and promotes the development and work of young artists, facilitates sector-wide discussion and champions inclusion, accessibility and diversity throughout the Wales dance sector.

Gundija Zandersona - Executive Director

Krystal S. Lowe - Artistic Director

Krystal S. Lowe (left) and Gundija Zandersona

Check out the following interview with Kokoro Arts to find out more about the company:







Below are some choreographic tasks from Kokoro Arts Ltd: 


Task 1


Begin by choosing a text that you feel inspired by - something you’ve written, read, or heard, then choose words or phrases that you connect with most. Based on those phrases or individual words create movements that you feel embody the meaning or feeling. You can either link them together or leave them quite separate. There’s also the choice to rearrange the movement so that it doesn’t flow in the same way the text does; that way you sort of rewrite the text with your body.  

Task 2


Choose either the same text, or something different, and recite the text while allowing your body to respond to the words naturally. As you continue to recite the text, relax more and more into whatever movement comes naturally as you speak. You can either leave this movement unset or begin to choose out the movements you feel most connected to and use them as your set material.

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Social Media: @Kokoroartsltd




Twitter: @Gundij_a


Twitter/IG/FB: @Krystalslowe

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