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Research and Development

As part of our Digital Interludes Project we have continued our research and development process for our new work 'Us' online. 'Us' is themed around the notion of 'sharing' and particularly looks at how much we share from our lives in the modern day and how that information is received. 

During the process, our dancers rehearsed from their own homes, under direction of our Artistic Director, Sarah Rogers, over Zoom.

Check out some rehearsal footage and creative explorations below:

- Duet explorations working with forming scripts from sporadic, separated statements to form narratives and character relationships. All of the lines used to create the script have been gathered from our audience members, participants and community members throughout our creative process so far...Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this along the way!

- Movement material from our 'conversation' scene looking at why we choose to share our stories.

- Initial exploration of a brand new scene based around the many instructions we receive through the information people share. We're looking forward to developing this idea further when we can rehearse together in the studio again.

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