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Our Digital Interludes Programme is our new digital programme, set up in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing rules. The programme was funded by the Arts Council of Wales's stabilisation grant scheme. We aim to stay in touch with our audiences and participants through this time whilst also conturing to plan and create our new work as best we can in preparation for a return to the studio and theatre when safe to do so.

There are two strands to the programme:

Digital Conversations:

-A digital forum of online dance classes delivered by our professional dancers

-Interviews with our performers and Director

-Brand new released footage from our latest tourist production 'Murmur'.

-Access to originally composed music by the Ransack musicians.

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Tenacious Creations:

-Continuation of our research and development rehearsals for our new production, in the form of Zoom rehearsals.

-An exciting new dance film challenge for everyone out there to get involved in...share you dance moves with us and help us to create our spoken word script for our new production!

-New youth dance workshops (over Zoom) to start to create our next 'Community Flash Mob' scene ready for our new production. 

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